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Preventative Dentistry in Burlington

Regular dental checkups and cleaning are important for your dental health. Brushing and flossing can’t reach every area of your mouth. If plaque and tartar aren’t removed from these areas, tooth decay or periodontal disease can occur.

Oral Hygiene

Dental plaque is a biofilm that forms on your teeth. It contains bacteria that can cause cavities and gum infections. It also forms tartar on your teeth, which can’t be removed by brushing.

During an oral hygiene appointment, the hygienist will perform three main procedures.

First, they’ll use a scaler to remove tartar deposits from your teeth. They may need to remove deposits from above your gumline as well. After scaling, the hygienist will polish your teeth to remove stains. Finally, they may recommend a fluoride treatment to protect the enamel of your teeth against decay.

Dental Exam

Regular dental checkups are the first line of defence against decay and infections. They allow for early detection and treatment of problems, plus they let us stay on top of changes in your dental health. During a dental exam we may take X-rays to aid in diagnosis. We’ll also perform an oral cancer screening of your mouth, neck, and throat.

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