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Emergency Dentistry in Burlington

Have a dental emergency? We provide same-day emergency dental treatment whenever possible, and new patients are welcome. We’re part of the Burlington Dental Academy emergency services network, so if for some reason we are unable to see you, we will be able to locate a qualified dentist who can help you.

If you’ve got a broken tooth or crown, or if you’ve lost a filling, make sure there are no pieces left in your mouth as they can present a choking hazard.

What to do if your tooth was knocked out

If your tooth was knocked out, you need to keep it moist to keep the nerves and root structure alive. If you can, tuck the tooth in your mouth between your cheek and your gums. If not, drop the tooth into a glass of milk and bring it with you to our office.

What is a dental abscess?

An abscess is an infection that occurs between the root of a tooth and the surrounding gums. The first sign you have an abscess is sharp pain near the root of the tooth. You may also experience hot and cold sensitivity, headaches, pain when chewing, and foul-smelling breath and/or a bitter taste in your mouth. If you experience any of these symptoms you should arrange an examination with us as soon as possible.

Contact our office right away if you have a dental emergency.

Your Friendly Burlington Dentist

We’ve served generations of Burlington families for over 30 years. Over that time, we’ve developed a reputation as a caring, pleasant, and professional dental practice. In fact, we’ve been named “Best Dentist” by the Burlington Post - a testimony to the lifelong relationships we’ve built in our community. You can count on us for expert dental care that will keep your family smiling.

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