Our office is open and we are excited to see all our patients again! We ask for your patience during this time as we will be slowly rebooking appointments that have been missed due to the COVID-19 shutdown. If you currently have a scheduled appointment, please read our new office procedures prior to your appointment. If you have a dental emergency outside of our office hours, please call the BDA emergency services at 905-464-1876. Stay safe and healthy.

Safe Dental Surgery in Burlington

Dental surgery is another way to create a full, healthy smile. Your dentist can surgically adjust teeth and jawbones to remove problems in the core of your teeth or to insert systems to provide you with prosthetic teeth. These dental surgery procedures include root canals, wisdom tooth extractions, and the placement of dental implants. If you need dental surgery in Burlington, contact Gardner Dental Group.

If you are experiencing dental pain, contact us immediately. Our dentists have knowledge and experience to diagnose your dental problems and provide you with oral surgery options that will be effective and safe. We work to minimize pain through sedation dentistry.

Types of Dental Surgery in Burlington
There are many types of dental surgery procedures that will help you reduce pain in your mouth and help you to have a healthy smile. Gardner Dental Group offers many dental surgery options, including:

  • Root canal surgery – designed to repair and save the tooth, during a root canal the nerve and pulp are removed from the inside your tooth and the area is cleaned and sealed to prevent further problems. 
  • Tooth extraction – most often for wisdom teeth, tooth extraction involves the surgical removal of an impacted tooth. Impacted teeth can cause a lot of pain and misalignment and crowding with your other teeth. Impacted teeth may also begin to decay in your mouth and cause infections. 

For more complex procedures, you may need to see a specialist off-site.  Some of the more substantial surgeries for which we will refer you to an oral surgeon include the following;

  • Apicoectomy – when root canals are not enough, a root-end reception will take place to relieve the pain. The end of the tooth is removed and the diseased material is surgically extracted. Apicoectomy procedures can also help in orthodontic treatments if part of the underlying bone structure needs to be removed. 
  • Implant surgery – dental implants are artificial roots to false teeth. Titanium implants are surgically placed and bonded to your jawbone. After they heal, an artificial tooth or set of dentures can be connected to give you a full smile.
  • Periodontal surgery – this procedure will reshape your gums to restore and regenerate normal form and function after your gums are damaged.

Dental Surgery & Dental Anesthesia

Dental anesthesia is used during all of our dental surgery procedures. A trained medical anesthesiologist visits our office once a month so that our dentists can perform wisdom tooth removals and other surgeries. The doctor will consult with you before your surgery appointment to explain how complicated the process will be and if it can be done at our office. If not, or if you have heart or major health issues, Gardner Dental Group will refer you to a specialist to perform the surgery.

If you are able to receive your treatment at our office, the anesthesiologist will inject a local anesthetic to block sensory transmission by the alveolar nerves which allows for the most comfortable process possible. This sedation dentistry has been very successful eliminating pain and anxiety for patients.

Before receiving anesthesia for your surgery, you will have to follow several steps to ensure a safe procedure:

  • Bring a list of medication names and dosages to your consultation
  • Do not eat any food or heavy liquids for 6 hours prior to your appointment
  • Take daily medications as scheduled unless told otherwise by your dentist
  • Do not consume alcohol 24 hours prior to surgery
  • Discontinue use of tobacco at least 24 hours prior to surgery
  • Bring someone responsible to drive you home after surgery and to receive directions from the doctor 
  • Have someone with you 12 – 24 hours after surgery to keep an eye on you
  • Wear short-sleeved, comfortable clothing and remove any jewellery 
  • Contacts, nail polish, and false eyelashes should not be worn during surgery
  • If you get a cold or fever within a few days of your surgery, call the office immediately

Call Us in Burlington for Dental Surgery

Gardner Dental Group has competent dentists who can perform many types of dental surgery in Burlington. The procedures we offer can help reduce your pain and allow you to have a healthy, full smile once more. Call us in Burlington when you need dental surgery for your teeth, gums, or jawbone.

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