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How Digital Scanners Help Deliver Faster Results

Learn about the Latest Technology from Your Family Dentist 

Dental technology is continually evolving. One piece of advanced technology available in select dental offices is digital scanners.

The digital scanner is cutting-edge and allows your family dentist to expedite several vital services – resulting in fewer visits, faster results, and sometimes, saving you money too.

Digital scanners take precise impressions, which allow your dentist to create a computer-generated, virtual replica of your mouth’s soft and hard tissues via laser. The image is high-resolution, clear, and accurate – and all this is done in a matter of minutes. There is no need to use traditional impressions with scanners and the information is stored digitally on the computer.

The Benefits of Visiting Your Family Dentist at the Burlington Centre
Digital impressions increase a dentist’s productivity, accuracy, and treatment efficiency. They email your impression to the laboratory instead of mailing the traditional imprint. Already, that saves you days! Other benefits of visiting a dental clinic that uses digital scanners include:

  1. Better Quality Images for Better Fitting Restorations: When you take impressions, your dentist fits you for a dental restoration of some kind. The restoration might be for a crown, implant, or dentures. Regardless, digital impressions offer better image and impression quality, which means your restoration fits comfortably.
  2. Less Time at the Dentist’s Office: Traditional impressions take some time. You must sit in the chair with the impression material in your mouth so that it can form. Digital impressions simply scan, and you are done. If you have had impressions in the past, you know that the material tends to make people gag. Now, you can avoid it entirely.
  3. Less Dental Anxiety: If getting into the dentist’s office is stressful for you, then digital scanners can improve your experience. You spend less time in the dentist’s chair, less time in the office, and you can get in and out as quickly as possible.
  4. Fewer Risks of Errors: Movement during traditional impressions, improper placement, and human error can force you to redo your impression or leads to ill-fitting restorations. Digital scanners reduce these errors and inaccuracies.
  5. Stored Indefinitely: Because the images are digital, they can be stored indefinitely, which saves space and offers more efficient dental records. Also, instead of waiting for them to be faxed or sent via courier, your dentist can email them to a specialist as necessary.
  6. Green Dentistry: Digital versions are eco-friendly, cut down paper and impression material wastes, and reduce landfill contributions.

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At Gardner Dental, we believe in using the latest technology to improve our patients’ experiences. Whether you are coming in for regular cleaning, or you want to discuss teeth replacement options, we are proud to say our offices are equipped with the latest digital scanners.

We use digital scanners in our restoration processes, including crowns, so that you can receive the replacement you need without a long wait or extra time in the office.

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