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Do You Have Dental Benefits? Remember to Use Them Before the End of the Year!

–A Friendly Reminder from Your Family Dentist in Burlington

Towards the end of the year, some health insurance policies expire. This means that customers must use their benefits before the beginning of the new calendar year. If you have dental work that you have been putting off, now is an excellent time to get it done.

The team at Gardner Dental Group is always ready to help you with dental issues. We welcome you to apply your insurance to our services whenever possible. By scheduling routine cleanings and exams, as well as addressing any dental problems when they arise, you can keep your mouth healthy and your smile beautiful throughout the year! 

4 Reasons to Use Your Dental Benefits Now
If you have been waiting until the New Year to schedule a dental appointment, you may want to reconsider that thought. You might not feel like having dental work done during the busy holiday season, but this could be the best way to maximize your insurance benefits. Additionally, if you have been experiencing any sort of a dental problem, having it treated will make you feel better throughout the fall and winter seasons.

Here are the top 4 reasons to take advantage of your dental benefits before they expire:

  1. Getting the Maximum – If your plan has a maximum amount attached to it, you will definitely want to use up that amount before the year ends. This could help to avoid major dental health problems in the New Year. Serious dental issues may cause you to exceed the maximum for the next year, but preventative maintenance can often prevent big problems from manifesting. 
  2. Your Premiums – When you pay premiums all year long, you might as well make the most of your investment by utilizing the dental benefits you have. If you spend the entire year paying premiums and do not have any dental work to show for it, the money is not being put to good use. At the very least, you should be getting exams and cleanings, so be sure to schedule those before January if you can. 
  3. Health Investment – Your dental insurance investment is not only a monetary one. It also means that you are making an important investment in your health. The real investment is in getting routine dental work and targeted work done to avoid serious dental issues, including dental decay and gum disease. Since problems in the mouth can lead to other health conditions throughout the body, it only makes sense to use your dental benefits before they expire. 
  4. Increased Fees: Make sure that you get the dental work you need now, in case your insurance fees increase next year. If you find that your deductible goes up next year, you will be glad that you did not wait.

If you have dental benefits, do not let your investment go to waste! Schedule an appointment with your dentist at Gardner Dental Group before the next insurance term begins. By getting your dental work done now, you could save money and feel better throughout the upcoming holiday season and beyond.

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