Dental Protection: Mouth Guards & Night Guards

Your teeth may be vulnerable to a variety of conditions and injuries, but some of these issues are preventable. Dental protection products provide a safeguard against various problems that might otherwise manifest. When you play any kind of contact sport, you must wear a mouth guard to avoid injury. At night, you should wear a night guard if you grind or clench your teeth.

At Gardner Dental Group, we strive to help you maintain a healthy mouth at all times. If you have questions or concerns about wearing dental protection, you should discuss the issue with your dentist in Burlington. We are here to help you find the best strategies for maintaining good oral health.

Why You Should Utilize Dental Protection Products?

Whether you play hockey or grind your teeth in your sleep, there is an appropriate dental product to protect your mouth. These are a few of the issues that can arise if you fail to wear the right protection:

  • Teeth Grinding: If you regularly wake up with a sore jaw or a dull headache, you might be grinding your teeth while you sleep. This condition is known as sleep bruxism. You might feel that the resultant discomfort is not serious enough to take action. However, the other effects of bruxism can create very serious problems for you. Habitual teeth grinding may lead to the loosening or fracturing of certain teeth. In fact, if you do not stop grinding your teeth, you could lose some of them eventually.
  • Teeth Clenching: Clenching your jaw repeatedly is another form of bruxism. Doing this may also cause more serious conditions. If you do not take steps to cease jaw clenching, you might suffer from chronic headaches and jaw pain. Over time, you could develop the muscles of your jaw to such an extent that they become enlarged and unsightly.
  • Sports Injuries: If you engage in any type of contact sport, you face the risk of sustaining a dental or oral injury. You could be injured from making contact with the ground, or you could get an injury from being hit with an elbow, foot, or other body part. Potential injuries include broken and chipped teeth, fractured roots, and loss of teeth. You might also experience a tooth that moves to the wrong position in its socket. A tooth could be pushed backward or forward, or it could move to the point that it is longer than the surrounding teeth. You could also injure your gums, cheeks, and lips if you play contact sports without protection.

Consider these solutions to protect yourself from destructive nighttime habits or sports injuries:

  • Night Guard: A night guard offers protection from teeth grinding and clenching. This dental product will stop your teeth from making contact with each other, making grinding impossible. The presence of a night guard will also make it difficult to clench your jaw. Night guards are generally available over the counter, but the most effective ones are the type that are custom made to fit your mouth and specific grinding and clenching patterns.
  • Mouth Guard: If you play contact sports, a mouth guard is essential. Many other kinds of athletic activities can lead to injuries, too. You should wear protection when you engage in such activities as roller skating, surfing, skateboarding, and skydiving. You can buy a mouth guard over the counter, but it is always better to have one custom fitted by your dentist.

Your teeth should last the rest of your life, and even outlive you; so treat them well. Gardner Dental Group can help you explore the right kind of dental protection for your circumstances. Whether you require a night guard, a mouth guard, or both, the professionals at our Burlington dental office are always happy to assist you.

Schedule a visit with your dentist in Burlington by calling our office at 905-632-3633. You may also fill out our easy online contact form for further assistance.

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