How to Prepare Your Child for Their First Trip to the Family Dentist

When you make your child’s first visit to your Burlington family dentist a positive experience, you’re setting the stage for an anxiety-free outlook on dental health that will last them a lifetime. Your child will grow up understanding that visiting the dentist regularly is an essential part of maintaining their oral health. Make sure their first visit is a happy one with the following tips.

Talk to the Dentist

Talk to your Burlington family dentist first to find out exactly what will happen during your child’s first visit so that you can be prepared every step of the way. Your family dentist should be comfortable dealing with children and supportive of their needs.

Talk to Them

Read a few books or let them watch cartoons about visiting the dentist so that your little one will know what will happen during their first visit, during a follow-up checkup or when they have an appointment for teeth cleaning.

Role Play

Make visiting the family dentist fun! Give your child a few toys they can use as tools and then give every stuffed animal in the house a checkup. Switch it up so that your little one gets to have a turn being both the patient and the dentist.

Role Model

Let your kids in on your daily oral hygiene routine. If they see you brushing and flossing regularly, well, monkey see monkey do. And if you’ve got a trip to your family dentist in Burlington coming up, make sure to let your kids know about it. Show them that you’re not afraid so that they won’t be either.

Plan Ahead

Even if your child seems excited for their first big visit to the family dentist, they may not be entirely cooperative when they arrive. Have a plan to calm them down if they start to fuss or fidget and offer them plenty of praise for good behaviour.

Choose the Right Family Dentistry Professional

Of course, nothing can make your child’s first dental appointment go smoothly quite like choosing the right family dentistry professional can. A fun, friendly and professional family dentist like those in the Gardner Dental Group team understands how to treat young children so that they leave the dentist’s office feeling great about their visit.

At Gardner Dental Group in Burlington we’re incredibly child friendly and responsive to the needs of all our young patients. Whether your child needs teeth cleaning, or a more complicated procedure, we take the time to make sure that they’re completely comfortable during their visit. Let us give you something to smile about. Visit Gardner Dental Group today!

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