A Guide to Your Child’s Dental Milestones – and How Your Children’s Dentist in Burlington Can Help

From the moment they are born, your children are always achieving new milestones. While most of us think of milestones as talking, cooing, or walking, there are other milestones too. More

specifically, the dental milestones.

As your child develops, they will start to get their baby teeth. When they get older, they lose their baby teeth, and their adult teeth erupt. These things you know, but, did you also know there are other milestones that your child’s oral health go through? 

These milestones are why it is important to seek dental care for your child as early as necessary so that you can promote a lifetime of healthy oral habits.

What are the Key Oral Health Milestones Children Go Through?

Your child’s oral milestones are different from their physical health or mental milestones, but just as important. These milestones include:

  • Baby Teeth: Your child’s primary teeth (baby teeth) are forming inside your child’s jaw before they are born. Once the tooth erupts from the gums, it is time for your child’s first dental appointment. Baby teeth serve a vital function: preserving the space for your child’s adult teeth; therefore, they cannot lose them before they are ready. As soon as your child’s first tooth arrives, it is important that you establish healthy oral habits. This includes gently wiping food particles away and following all dentist instructions. 
  • The First Dental Visit: Your child’s first dental visit is when their first tooth shows or by their first birthday (whichever comes first). While you wait for that appointment, work on breaking bad oral habits, such as falling asleep with a bottle, thumb sucking, and poor nutrition. At the appointment, your dentist will guide you as to how to care for your baby’s teeth and gums to prevent misalignment and cavities.
  • Mixed Detention: As your child starts losing their baby teeth and permanent teeth erupt in their place, they are in the mixed detention milestone. At this age, your child could participate in sports, notice crowding of their teeth, or develop cavities. Protecting your child’s teeth with a mouth guard, ensuring healthy brushing habits, and visiting the dentist regularly can help with all of these.
  • Braces: If your child’s teeth are misaligned, your Burlington family dentist might recommend braces to re-align the teeth in their teen years. 
  • Wisdom Teeth: Most teens do not have space for their third molars, known as the wisdom teeth. Therefore, at this age, your child might have all or a select few of their wisdom teeth extracted. When wisdom teeth are not removed, it could lead to infection, pain, and shifting of other teeth.

Ready for Your Child’s First Appointment? Visit a Children’s Dentist in Burlington

A family dentist has the equipment for infants and smaller children. Also, at the Gardner Dental Group, we offer orthodontics for teens that require braces and retainers. We believe in full family oral health, so we provide friendly and efficient services for infants, toddlers, teens, adults and seniors. Schedule an appointment with a Burlington family dentist today by calling us at 905-632-3633 or reach out to us online with your dental questions.
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